Presenter Schedule

Peggy Noe Stevens & Heather Wibbles (4:00 pm)

Peggy Noe Stevens is the world's first female master bourbon taster and a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee (2019), you can learn more about her here. Heather Wibbles a.k.a The Cocktail Contessa is an executive bourbon steward and award winning mixologist. You can learn more about her here.

Sample Lineup - Michter's 10, Michter's Single Barrel Rye, Michter's Barrel Strength. Samples are all expertly paired with small bites to chosen by Peggy and Heather is doing a Michter's Barrel Strength Rye Cocktail.

Bob Hess - Heaven Hill Brand Ambassador (4:00 pm)

Bob Hess is a former NHL player for the St. Louis Blues and brand ambassador for Heaven Hill. 

Sample Lineup - Elijah Craig Small Batch, Elijah Craig Rye, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof St. Louis Bourbon Society Pick, Evan Williams 1783, and Evan Williams Bottle in Bond

Fred Minnick - B0urbon Writer/Personality (4:00 pm)

Fred is a published author, writer, podcaster and YouTuber featured on the Fred Minnick Show and Bourbon Pursuit. You can find more of Fred's work and learn more about him at his website

Sample Lineup - Mystery MGP Showdown (6 samples)

Bo Garrett - Wild Turkey Brand Ambassador (4:00 pm)

Bo Garrett is a Brand Ambassador for wild turkey and guitarist for the award winning country duo Montgomery Gentry. You can learn more about Bo's story by listening to his appearance on the Bourbon Pursuit podcast.

Sample Lineup - Kentucky Spirit, Russell's Single Barrel, Rare Breed, Russell's Reserve 13

Alex Castle - Old Dominick Master Distiller (6:00 pm)

Alex is the master distiller for Old Dominick (popular for their Huling Station brand) . She set out to be a brewmaster or a master distiller in high school and never waivered, eventually achieving that dream. You can learn more about her journey here.

Sample Lineup- Huling Station Bourbon, Huling Station Wheat, Alex's Special, and Huling Station Bourbon Women and St. Louis Bourbon Society Pick

Bryan Smith - Hard Truth Master Distiller (6:00 pm)

Their small batch sweet mash  rye has taken the community by storm and is easily the best new rye of 2022. You can learn more about Bryan through his appearance on The Whiskey Tornado.

Sample Lineup - Sweet Mash Rye - 1 Batch #5, Sweet Mash Distllers Reserve RW3, Sweet Mash Distillers Reserve RW4, Sweet Mash St. Louis Bourbon Society Pick, and Maple Bourbon Cream

Stephen Fante - Limestone Branch Ambassador (6:00 pm)

Do you like stories and characters? If so, this is a session you don't want to miss. Stephen Fante is a wealth of knowledge and an entertaining listen. You can learn more about him at this link. 

Sample Lineup - Yellowstone Select, Minor Case Rye, Bowling and Burch, Yellowstone 2022 Limited Edition, and Yellowstone HS Giftshop

Michael Paladini -Penelope Bourbon CEO & Founder (6:00 pm)

Penelope is easily the best thing to happen to bourbon in the past year. Be it the renowned toasted series or any of their fantastic cask finishes, they have been pumping out excellent release after excellent release and Michael is the man that created the juggernaut. 

Sample Lineup - Penelope Four Grain, Penelope Barrel Strength, Penelope Architect, Penelope Toasted, and Penelope Valencia

Greg Metze - Old Elk Master Distiller (6:00 pm)

After 38 years at Seagrams (now MGP), Greg Metze now calls himself master distiller for Old Elk distillery, and if you have had an SLBS barrel pick of Old Elk, you know exactly what is special about it. You can learn more about Greg here

Sample Lineup - Old Elk Double Wheat, Old Elk Four Grain, Old Elk 2022 Infinity Blend, and Old Elk St. Louis Bourbon Society Pick with Greg

Steve Ackley - ABV Network Founder (8:00 pm)

Steve is the founder of the content company the ABV Network.  He can be found on several podcasts and at the new ABV Barrel Shop in Arnold, MO. You can learn more about Steve and find his work at the ABV Network Website. 

Sample Lineup - Wood Hat, StiIL 630, Stumpy's. Old Herald, and Samuel Berton. All of these distilleries will be at the festival in person bringing their best samples for a best of Missouri Showdown.

David Whitmer - Master Blender - Luxco (fka MGP) (8:00 pm)

David Whitmer is the Master Blender for Luxco (fka MGP). He is responsible for the popular George Remus brand and the yearly Remus Repeal reserve release as well as Union Hill, Eight and Sand and other MGP Labels. 

Sample Lineup - Rossville Union Sample 1, Rossville Union Sample 2, Rossville Union Sample 3, Rossville Union Blend (Blend of Sample 1 - 3), Rossville Cask Strength, and Remus Gatsby Edition 15 year

James Joseph - Old Forester Brand Ambassador (8:00 pm)

Old Forester is one of the most renowned brands in bourbon. From their popular Whiskey Row series to their yearly Birthday Bourbon releases, they put out good bottle after good bottle of bourbon never faltering on quality. You can see James discuss the history of the brand here

Sample Lineup - Old Forester 1870, Old Forester 1897, Old Forester 1910, Old Forester 1920, and Old Forester Barrel Strength

Jarrod Record - Old Road Craft Spirits Founder (8:00 pm)

Barrel King is the new hotness of the bourbon world and Old Road is absolutely bringing it with every release. You can learn more about Old Road and Jarrod at this link

Sample Lineup - Alpha Bourbon Batch 1, Strawberry Philly Batch 3, Easy Rye Batch 4, Barrel King Stagg Finish St. Louis Bourbon Society, The Goat Batch 24, and Toasted Rye Heavy Char

Victoria Eady Butler - Uncle Nearest Master Blender (8:00 pm)

Uncle Nearest has one of the best stories in the the world of whiskey and Victoria Eady Butler is bringing that story to all of our taste buds. She is a the first ever back-to-back master blender of the year winner, the first every black female to win the award and she has racked up A TON of other awards for her work on the Uncle Nearest brand. You can learn more about her here

Sample Lineup - Uncle Nearest 1884 and Uncle Nearest 1856

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